About Us

Zon consulting services LTD is a software development and Business development (Analysis) consulting company. We focus on analyzing company’s profile and help you and your business to be the best in current competitive market. We develop software's including custom solutions for specific needs.

ZONCS (Zon consulting services LTD), engaged in providing software solutions and in giving Business support worldwide, intends to offer flexible business-centered services in the most simplified way possible. Our quality, data protection measures and cost-effective solutions compliment our client's specific business needs.

Also, we are a small, environmentally oriented electronic service company that does a variety of things, such as E-Commerce Solutions, Portal Development Services, Trading Portal, CRM Solutions, Web Hosting Solutions,Joomla (CMS), and SCO etc. We Discover real business needs, not just the obvious and talked-about ones.

We improve your business processes and systems by a combination of process modelling, systems thinking and innovation. We define the most beneficial scope for the analysis project. We use models to understand and communicate the business processes, and ensure stakeholders also understand. Zoncs Think systemically, to find the best way to improve your client’s business. We believe in investing in our employees, our success depends on them; this is why we offer such a motivating package.

ZON Consulting Services - Our Aim is to "Provide the best to make you the best"


Web application development

Web Designing

Flash development

software Application Development

Java Applications Development

Software Maintenance

Software Testing

Mobile Apps Development

E-Commerce Solutions

Portal Development Services

Trading Portal

CRM Solutions

Web Hosting Solutions

Joomla (CMS)

Business Intelligence

Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning

Our Process

Our process is simple, easy, and cost effective and time efficient




Awesome Location

We've got our primo office in Manchester. Our Oxford street office is in the heart of Manchester near to Manchester Council office and just beside global companies like Google. Our office is in middle of the growing, buzzing local digital community.

Incredible Benefits

Free coffee isn’t all you need to run a digital business, but it helps! We have great training and career progression, regular hacks, pension & medical, and lots more flexible benefits. Contacts us for more benefits.

Really Cool Team

Our tribe’s structure allows us to mix in multidisciplinary teams. Our leaders believe in us and give us total freedom. We learn from each other, and from our mistakes, having hella fun on the way.

  • We are accountable and responsible for doing what we say we'll do - No finger pointing!
  • We'll never overpromise and under deliver - No Bull!
  • We invest in our people, develop their skills and provide the best expertise - No Cowboys!
  • We are united by a brilliant attitude, ambition and enthusiasm to be the best at what we do - No Brainer!

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Tulasi Ram
Director & Financial Manager
+44 (0) 1908 201 891
Zon Consulting Services
Peter House, 1 Oxford Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M1 5AN
+44 (0) 1908 201 891